Unwanted Wood
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First and foremost, I believe that wood is precious and should not be wasted. I feel that trees (although a renewable resource) are disappearing far too rapidly. Secondly, I love working it. This poses a moral dilemma for me. To help overcome this I strive to use recycled wood in all that is displayed here. Some sources of this wood include cutoffs from local cabinet shops and sawmills, discarded and thrift store furniture, and old timbers from remodeled and torn down structures. I have also been known to raid my friends' firewood piles if I see something that looks interesting! Let it be known that just because a piece of wood is no longer wanted as is, it doesn't have to end up in a landfill. I am constantly amazed at the beauty that is revealed in a piece of lumber when decades of wear, or multiple layers of paint are removed. Thanks for looking.

Please note that this site has not been updated in close to forever! The Etsy listings (link on last page) are probably most current. However, if you are looking for something custom or unique… feel free to contact me. I enjoy a challenge. 


Unwanted Wood
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